BSA - Blow the whistle on unlicensed software

Do you know a company using illegal software?
Report it now and you could be rewarded with up to £10,000.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) represents the leading software companies globally, acting on their behalf to protect their intellectual property rights, raise awareness of and reduce the installation of unlicensed and counterfeit software. We actively reward people for blowing the whistle on employers that install illegal software, with rewards of up to £10,000.

Our research has shown that over two thirds of British workers are willing to shop their boss for improper business practices. In fact, in the first six months of 2010, the BSA received tip-offs about 145 UK companies, and subsequently took legal action against 80 of these organisations.

What is software piracy?

The most common example of software piracy is under-licensing. This is when one or more software licenses have been acquired, but the software itself has been installed on more machines than the license permits, which are not covered by the license. Illegal downloads and counterfeit copies are other examples of software piracy.

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If you know of a company using illegal software, we want you to tell us. In fact, you could be entitled to a reward of up to £10,000 if the case leads to a judgement or settlement. Your confidentiality is assured.

Report piracy

If you think you’re being asked to use illegal software, we want you to tell us. In fact, you could be entitled to a cash reward of up to £10,000 if the case is successful.